Kratom Extracts

A number of years ago we made the decision to concentrate on the development and manufacture of Premium Quality Kratom extracts and Isolates. After a few years of continuous R&D we finally developed a method to commercially produce premium quality extracts.

We believe that there are currently no comparable quality extracts available on the market and use our finest Maeng Da Kratom harvested from our own farm in Borneo Indonesia to make all of our extracts.

Our very special extraction method makes sure that our extract contains no undesirable materials such as chlorophyll, fats, oils and no residual solvents. It is a mixture of only the most important alkaloids of the Kratom plant.
Each batch of extract that we produce comes with a Certificate of Analysis that checks for all residual solvents and makes sure that we comply with USP467 Guidelines. It also comes with a HPLC test showing Mitragynine and other alkaloid purity.

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