45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Liquid Concentrate

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This is the liquid version of our Benchmark 45% Mitragynine Pure Kratom Alkaloid Extract.

The alkaloids of kratom are insoluble in water, this makes it very hard to make proper liquid kratom!

Almost all of the liquid kratom drinks & shots sold today are made from kratom extract which is dissolved in either alcohol or citric acid which makes it taste extremely bitter and unpleasant.

Innovating the kratom market again we have come up with a way to “dissolve” extracts into vegetable glycerine making a highly concentrated kratom liquid completely free from alcohol & Citric acid!!

This liquid is the fastest way to feel the effects of kratom and conveniently mixes into any liquid.

Kratom is in the same family as coffee and they both have a very similar synergetic aroma.

1ML Contains 180MG Extract    

= 6 grams of good quality plain leaf or

= 3 teaspoons of good quality plain leaf


Kratom Use Chart


  1. Mitragyna Speciosa Extract – 45% Mitragynine
  2. 1.5% 7-Hydroxymitragynine by volume
  3. Polyethylene glycol
  4. Ultra purified water

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4 reviews for 45% Mitragynine Full Spectrum Kratom Liquid Concentrate

  1. shane1981

    Hi Mike!
    Got the liquid kratom extract. Wow, what a phenomenal product.
    Clearly the best pain killer on the market. I also noticed that this
    particular product doesnt yield the head buzz common to other kratom
    product, just pure pain relief. Fascinating, and a welcome benefit for

  2. Ian (verified owner)

    This is some seriously good stuff. It has a good kick to it.

  3. reckonerr0 (verified owner)

    Very high quality product. Will definitely be a loyal customer. Thanks!

  4. Joe S.

    I’ve tried a lot of extracts. This extract is the Best out there. If you like OPMS or MIT45, stop and buy this extract. You won’t be disappointed. And I got a free sample of the 80% extract tablets. Thanks for an amazing product and thanks for the sample of 80%.

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