80% Mitragynine Alkaloid Extract

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Good quality leaf powder contains approximately 1.25% Mitragynine. This extract contains 80% Mitragynine which makes it 64 times more potent than leaf powder. This is no longer a “Full Spectrum extract” meaning that it no longer contains the full spectrum and quantity of other alkaloids and is far more focused on the Mitragynine alkaloid than the others. We have reached a point where the extract has been enriched so much that we have lost most of the other alkaloids and what is left is in such a weak concentration that it has no effect on the almost pure Mitragynine. For a typical dose of 2 teaspoons or 4.5gm of leaf powder you would only need 65mg of this extract to achieve the equivalent effects.

This is a 80% Mitragynine extract and not a 80X Extract. We do not recommend using that terminology as the strength of an extract should be measured by the % amount of Mitragynine present in the product, which in this case is 80%. Good quality plain leaf powder contains about 1.25% Mitragynine.

80% Capsules:

Each 80% Mitragynine Kratom Capsule contains 100mg of our 80% Mitragynine Kratom Alkaloid Extract which is equivalent to approximately 80mg of Mitragynine or about 7gm of natural kratom powder.


80% Mitragynine.
20% Trace alkaloids and natural aliphatic plant compounds.

Other alkaloids include but not limited to:

  1. Paynantheine & Isopaynantheine
  2. Speciociliatine & Speciogynine

None of our products are enhanced with 7-Hydroxymitragynine.

All 7-Hydroxymitragynine levels in our extracts are similar and proportional to the amount of 7-Hydroxymitragynine that occur naturally in the plant.

Every batch of extract that we produce comes with a Certificate of Analysis to show that we comply completely with the recommended USP467 Guidelines for residual solvents and also a HPLC report showing the amount of Mitragynine present.


  1. Mitragyna Speciosa Extract – 80% Mitragynine
  2. 0.8% 7-Hydroxymitragynine by volume

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3 reviews for 80% Mitragynine Alkaloid Extract

  1. dannyk

    This isolate is amazing! A little definitely goes a long way! This is a great way to find your baseline without consuming a bunch of powder. Thank you!!

  2. huntercole33

    Unmatched. I have 8 years of experience with the product and have used nearly 50 vendors… including all major and minor online vendors. This is the true source of all that is good in the industry and the transparency of the company’s methods, products, and enthusiasm to educate is what the global industry desperately needs. That goes for all of their products and their staff.

  3. bonzai.banzai

    So if you have been using kratom a long time (20 years… yes way before kratom.com) like I have… you have seen a lot of things come around. I have been using kratom.com for years. Trusted tried and true. Good people and great products. This particular one is so clean you dont even notice how much it effects you until later. Since its an isolate you dont get the same euphoria but none the less its works great. I compare 60 – 100 mgs to a 10mg vico. Works great!!! awesome stuff guys keep up the good work!

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