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Kratom does NOT naturally occur on Bali.

In 2001 when we were the only people shipping Kratom from Asia we tried to keep the localities of the various Kratom strains that we found a secret!!!

Alongside Maeng Da, Bali Kratom was our most commercial and well known type of Kratom powder that we developed and launched in 2003

Bali is not a strain rather it is a special blend of leaf types from a specific geographical area in Kapuas Hulu West Kalimantan.

Because of its well-balanced blended composition it gives really nice effects and it soon became the well-known legendary strain that it has become today. We needed a name for it and called it “Bali Kratom” even though kratom does not naturally occur on Bali. Bali is very well known and famous and that is what we intended for this strain to become!

Today virtually every Kratom shop sells Bali Kratom. Unfortunately the majority of these are not selling the original real Bali. We are the only ones who knows the blend and location of the trees. Never buy from vendors selling Red Bali or Green Bali as this will certainly not be real Bali!


  1. Mitragyna Speciosa

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3 reviews for Bali Premium Kratom

  1. Cathy M. (verified owner)

    Really helped w/ my RSD Type 2 pain! Exellent customer service & super-fast shipping. Highly recommend & will definitely buy from again!

  2. Dave

    I love this site! Great customer service and also great products. This is the real deal!

  3. Jill Jones (verified owner)

    Love the Bali! Best I have found. I make a honey and lemon tea with the powder. It’s great! Thank you!

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