Product Analysis Reports

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Every product sold by has undergone a rigorous quality control and testing process. The process starts with ensuring only the best raw natural kratom is selected from our own plantations in Borneo and in the final stages each individual product batch is HPLC tested and receives a Certificate of Analysis.

HPLC Report – All Products: The HPLC report shows the concentration of Mitragynine – the key kratom alkaloid (learn more here) – found in the product. This is generally a very good indicator of the ‘strength’ of natural kratom powder. We attempt to ensure that all of our natural kratom powders maintain a minimum Mitragynine content of 1.1% or higher.

The HPLC report will also show the concentration of the other key kratom alkaloids (read more here) in relation to the amount of Mitragynine.

Certificate of Analysis – Kratom Powder: Every batch of our natural kratom powder undergoes a Microbiology test against the presence of salmonella and E.coli as well as being tested for heavy metals and pesticides to ensure that only naturally occurring trace amounts are present in the product.

Certificate of Analysis – Kratom Extracts: Every batch of Kratom extract or Mitragynine isolate receives a Residual Solvents test to ensure that any trace amounts comply with USP467 standards for food grade products.