Kratom powder is one of the most popular variations of kratom available on the market today. But what really is kratom powder, and how is it made?

In essence, kratom powder is a fine, dry, and crumbly form of kratom. It is what most people picture when they think of kratom in its natural state. It is created by grinding up kratom raw material, primarily kratom leaves. Kratom powder can be used in a whole array of applications, from cooking to mixing with water and putting into gelatin capsules.

In this guide, we go over what kratom is, how it can help, and where to purchase kratom powder online. Make sure you do not mix up kratom powder and kratom extracts, as kratom extracts are much more potent. You can read more about kratom extracts here.


What is Kratom And Why Is It so Important?

Kratom, also known as kratom mitragyna speciosa, is native to Southeast Asia. The naturally occurring substance functions in a similar fashion to opioid drugs.

The kratom mitragyna speciosa is also often referred to as an ‘Opioid Replacement Drug’. Like other opioid drugs, its main two constituents, namely Mitragynine and 7-ho-mg, bind with the opioid receptors found in your brain. After binding with the opioid receptors, they activate it to release dopamine and serotonin. As a result, you feel a rush similar to other drugs, especially psychoactive drugs, that give you feelings of euphoria, whilst also acting as a sedative. In addition, kratom also helps to relieve pain. 


How Kratom Helps with Opioid Addiction and Opioid Withdrawal

  • Unlike opioid drugs, you won’t have to face the opioid withdrawal symptoms that come with opioid drugs when using kratom products.
  • In fact, the main kratom use is that it helps avoid opioid addiction and, in turn, opioid withdrawal symptoms. People who partake in opioid abuse and substance abuse in general, are usually turned to kratom use as a form of addiction treatment and opioid withdrawal.
  • However, despite all this, you’ve probably seen a post or two online about how kratom is possibly deadly.

📚 Read this article to Understand kratom extract, in brief, 🔗 What is Kratom Extract?

Step by step instructions to Take Kratom Powder

How about we have to take a gander at different techniques to take kratom powder and portion

1. Blend It In with a Beverage

Taking in kratom powder with water! Almost certainly this is the most well-known approach to trade out with. Take a glass of water, put a spoon of powder in it, Stir it solidly, and bingo! You are good to go. For a change, Orange juice or espresso can likewise be a good choice to drink kratom.


  • The least complex and speediest technique for all
  • Stay away from the too extraordinary experience of having kratom.

2. Blending Powder Into Food

However, it’s not unexpected, blending powders in with drinks isn’t the best way to go. You can likewise join kratom powder into food. On the off chance that you don’t discover blending the powder in drinks appropriate, there is food to go with.

When you track down the ideal equilibrium of taste, nothing can be simpler than this technique.


  • This technique works really hard to veiling the taste.
  • More Encouraging to take kratom alongside food in your stomach.
  • It will likewise forestall sick incidental effects like sickness

3. The “Throw N’ Wash” Method

It’s awkward at first It’s exactly how it sounds. You start by “throwing” the powder into the rear of your throat. It goes like rinse it and take it in, I will clarify how “Swallow water first, till powder get blended keep gargling it in your mouth. Eventually, To clean out all excess powder, require a second drink of water.


  • The vast majority like it cause it’s speedy and productive.
  • Throw n’ wash strategy conveys kratom straightforwardly to your framework


Misconceptions About Kratom

❓ It’s seen as common practice these days to target a naturally occurring compound growing in popularity with false rumors and to spread misinformation regarding its effects. Though, it may seem logical to do so due to the fact that there isn’t much research conducted on the new drug and that as people experience certain things under its influence, they report on it immediately without much thought.

❓ This happens to be one of the few downsides of finding information on the Internet. People often believe what they see without ever checking for fact-based evidence or scientific backing. 

❓ If you were to search for information regarding kratom, you’ll come to find much of the same baseless misinformation. That is unless you choose to read science-backed articles and scientific journals. 

However, since we are on the topic, let’s discuss kratom most common cause of concern:

📚 Drug Enforcement Administration on the Topic of Kratom

Even the Drug Enforcement Administration doesn’t designate kratom as a ‘controlled substance’. Though the DEA did mention it to be a drug of concern, it is currently legal for consumption in most states.

Health Benefits of Kratom

☘️ Aside from helping treat opioid addiction, kratom exposure can provide you with an array of many other benefits. Keep in mind, it is highly recommended you go to a health care professional if you’re looking for someone to provide medical advice. In this section, we will only make mention of all the benefits kratom users could potentially receive.

☘️ This promising medicinal plant has been used in Asia as a natural remedy for several hundred years. Asians mainly used it to treat fatigue, diarrhea, muscle cramps, and quite often used it for pain relief.

However aside from these basic remedial properties, kratom products act as natural medicines to the following ailments and issues:

1. Libido Enhancer

Kratom products have been studied as a form of likely sexually enhancing dietary supplement – natural drugs to help with sex rather than using traditional unsafe pills such as Sildenafil and Tadalafil. [Check out a detailed article comparing Sildenafil and Tadalafil by NCBI]

Researchers had examined multiple clinical studies to learn the aphrodisiac effects of kratom. After several trials, they concluded that taking kratom was an effective method of sexual enhancement.


2. Pain Relief

Kratom comes in multiple different strains, all of which provide effective relief to chronic pain. The green, red, and white veins all provide this relief by attaching themselves to the opioid receptors in our brain. One of the alkaloids in kratom, 7-ho-mg is known to be 13 times as potent as morphine.

Although kratom marks its opioid receptors like morphine and codeine, it is generally considered to be an atypical opioid. What kratom does, unlike the prior psychoactive substances mentioned, is that it can selectively deactivate specific signals. This ability of kratom explains the more tolerable side effects it induces, dissimilar to the other more typical prescription opioids you’d get from the pharmacy.


3. Mood Improving Effects

Once again, we are brought back to its greatest benefit of mood enhancement, usually in the form of an addiction treatment after facing great troubles with opioid addiction and opioid withdrawal. It was found that kratom ingestion could also help alleviate the symptoms of morphine and alcohol withdrawal, and put you in a better mood.

There have been numerous other studies that have shown that kratom has a very high potential to be an antidepressant and even a hunger suppressant. This would be of great benefit to those who rely on prescription drugs or opioids for their depression.

✔️ Taking kratom would also be beneficial due to its lower abuse liability as compared to opioids, even though it contains certain opioid compounds. Even in the long run kratom abuse would prove to have significantly fewer adverse effects as opposed to the serious negative outcomes that could result from opioid abuse.

✔️ Another study, conducted on animals, had scientists determine that injecting kratom in mice helped to reduce the corticosterone levels within them. This was a promising find as raised levels of corticosterone are often associated with depression. 

✔️ Lastly, a final study also conducted on mice, in which kratom dietary supplements were injected into the mice, quelled the hunger of the mice via the inhibition of the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the brain which is responsible for all the food cravings we get. Though it worked on mice, additional tests and more research are still required to see if the same results transfer over to humans.


Kratom’s “Deadly Risks”

These claims were made worse by the fact that the Food and Drug Administration also made a few claims calling the plant deadly. However, recall the fact that kratom is also related to the coffee plant via the Rubiaceae family. Unlike the active component of coffee, caffeine, the active components of kratom have never been found to be lethal. Even though every year some people die due to a caffeine overdose, coffee has never been called to be deadly.

  • Whilst, on the other hand, kratom has never resulted in death, even under laboratory conditions where researchers were trying to induce death via an overdose by injecting mice and other rodents with kratom’s active compounds. Despite this failure, ‘Kratom deaths’ are often seen meaninglessly being thrown around, spreading false information regarding kratom.
  • If no amount of the active ingredients can kill a mouse, weighing only a few ounces, then they’re most likely are limited safety concerns for humans who weigh over three thousand times as much. 
  • The aforementioned Food and Drug Administration claims of kratom being deadly was due to the fact that multiple people were found with kratom inside their bodies at the time of death. These claims of the FDA advisory were quickly disproven by molecular biologist Dr. Jane Babin and forensic toxicologist Dr. Karl Ebner who pointed out that the FDA ignored factors in the coroner reports, such as possibly lethal interactions of prescription medications.


Ways to Consume Kratom

Kratom, as previously mentioned, refers to both the tree and its leaves. The leaves of the kratom tree are the main ingredients in the production of kratom products, namely; kratom extract, powder, and capsules.

The two main methods of ingesting kratom, however, are through its powdered form and its tablet form, more commonly known as the capsule form.

1. Kratom Powder

This powder was originally developed due to the fact that ancient merchants wanted to transport kratom to faraway locations, but couldn’t do so due to the quick decomposition of kratom leaves in plant form. As a result, those merchants dried and crushed the leaves to make a powder which they shipped across the world.

This powdered form of kratom comes with many benefits:

  • The powder has a very long shelf life and is very easy to stock up in places.
  • It has added convenience as compared to raw leaves
  • It mixes well with water

Though with all the good that comes with it, there is a downside. Due to it not having a capsule cover, it can get very messy, very quickly.

2. Kratom Capsule

The kratom capsules are also quite widespread and a favorite consumption method of many. Its benefits include:

  • There is no unappetizing taste due to the capsule being coated in a layer of tasteless soluble gelatin
  • It doesn’t come with the mess associated with powder
  • The capsules come in standardized quantities, so doses of the capsule can vary from low doses too much higher doses
  • They are very portable
  • They are easy to consume

However, all those positives come with a few negatives which include:

  • They are more expensive than powdered kratom, especially when getting higher doses
  • There is a lack of genuine kratom capsule sellers (But we’ve sorted that out for you if you skip to the end)
  • Capsules also have a risk of being laced with unwanted substances
  • They come with only a limited selection of strains


Where to Purchase Kratom Powder Online

If you want to buy kratom powder without the hassle of dealing with quality assurance and don’t want to waste time searching for the perfect-sized capsules, head over to for some of the best quality kratom in all of North America.

They were the first to introduce commercial kratom to this side of the world, bringing with it two of the most popular kratom names in the world today, And now With over 10 years of experience in the industry, quality is something you’ll never worry about as they ensure to always use 99.9% pure Mitragynine.

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